WochenKlausur at Our Haus

Invited to participate in the Austrian Cultural Forum’s tenth anniversary exhibition Our Haus, WochenKlausur chose to present a documentation poster exploring their work of the past 19 years, for the opening week of the show, and then to look at contemporary positions and practices on the topic of “space” in New York. By handing over their exhibition space to local organizations focusing on this issue, it was possible to present a variety of agendas such as housing, public space and urban built environment on a central city spot.

WochenKlausur set up office at Our Haus

WochenKlausur set up office at Our Haus

From May 20 to May 27, 2012, WochenKlausur set up an office in the ACFNY Gallery’s Upper Mezzanine, where several meetings with New York-based associations, interest groups, and activists took place. Each of the organizations was invited to use the space for one or two weeks for their purposes. The aim was to support them with the infrastructure and facilities of the institution. Some looked for exhibition space, some for a room to hold a workshop, others launched a film festival or held a fundraising event. At the end, nine organisations have taken the opportunity and used the ACFNY as a platform to explore their work. Until 26th of August 2012 – when the exhibition shut down – a vivid summer program has taken place.

The “WochenKlausur Features” program at ACF, NY 2012 presented:

Picture the Homeless June 18 – 24
Change Administration June 25 – July 01
DSGN AGNC ft. #whOWNSpace July 02 – 08
chashama July 09 – 22
Center for Urban Pedagogy July 23 – 29
Green Guerillas Aug 06 – 12
CAAAV Aug 13 – 19
Not an Alternative Aug 20 – 26

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