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ArtTechFood at GreenRush Paris

GreenRush – dispatch#8
Amanda McDonald Crowley presents ArtTechFood – a curatorial project
Intervention by Anne Roquigny
Netstreams by Radio Marais

GREEN RUSH is a project sharing food talking series._

18:00-20:00, December 27, 2012
Hosted by Shu Lea Cheang at
Le Chapon Rouge, 60 Rue Chapon, Paris 75003
Info: now

Food – stick-a stick
BYO – bring your own bottle

Amanda McDonald Crowley presents her research at the intersection of art, food and technology. As a curatorial project, ArtTechFood is a strategy to bring biologists, environmentalists, food activists, and molecular gastronomists, together with artists to deliver an interdisciplinary programme that critiques the commercialization of food production, provides a space to widen the discussion of our food systems to include environmental issues and labor (immigrant) exploitation, and the framework to share good food and meaningful conversation. The inclusion of artists and experts from diverse backgrounds is intended to broaden the discourse and move toward models of discussion and action in order to negotiate this often obfuscated and confusing landscape.

As the gastronome Brillat-Savarin noted three centuries ago, “the discovery of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star.” Food is an essential product of our reciprocal, sustaining relationship with the environment. It is also one of the oldest cultural expressions, rooted in hospitality and sharing. As concerns for the planet and the quality of our life upon it intensify, there is no more immediate concern than that which we put into our mouths and the pressures these acts place on the larger systems that sustain us.

Amanda McDonald Crowley is a cultural worker, curator, facilitator, creative director in the fields of media and contemporary art, with a focus on cross-disciplinary practice and cultural exchange. She was the director of ANAT 1995-2000; associate director of the Adelaide Festival 2002; executive producer of ISEA2004 in Helsinki and Tallinn; executive director at EYEBEAM, NYC 2005-2011. Recent curatorial efforts include Our Haus, the 10th Anniversary exhibition for the Austrian Cultural Forum, NY. Her other current research interests are virtual performance, art & science, and urban research. She is currently doing a curatorial research residency at Fondazione Bogliasco. (research resources)

Presentation is online at here on Prezi for GreenRush Paris

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