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Tiny Scissors Tattoo Parlor in Detroit Metro Times

Brooklyn-based curator Amanda McDonald Crowley and Brooklyn-based artist Amy Khoshbin teamed up to bring an anti-gun violence exhibition to Detroit Art Week, taking place July 17-21.

Gun control has been an ongoing debate in the U.S., with the conversation escalating after the tragic Parkland, Sandy Hook, Pulse nightclub, and Las Vegas shootings, among others.

In a small room at the Trumbull & Porter Hotel, McDonald Crowley and Khoshbin created an exhibit with a tattoo parlor pop-up and merchandise created by Khoshbin in every corner. The room also displayed all of Khoshbin’s “What is the Opposite of a Weapon?” pieces.

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Tiny Scissors Tattoo Parlor in Galerie Magazine

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Tinyscissors Tattoo Parlor Detroit

Photo: Paul-David Rearick. Courtesy of Detroit Art Week

Tinyscissors Tattoo Parlor Detroit
Young Curators New Ideas V, Detroit Art Week
July 17 – 21, 2019

At Tinyscissors Tattoo Parlor Detroit, Iranian-American artist and politician Amy Khoshbin offers bespoke line drawing tattoos of non-violent imagery. Amy engages parlor visitors in conversations about gun violence in America, and the ways we can heal together moving forward, literally and figuratively, while they acquire a tattoo.

Tinyscissors Tattoo Parlor Detroit is an intimate setting in which to discuss and envision how we can shift culture towards compassion. Amy’s tattoos serve as a permanent reminder of the conversation in an operational tattoo pop-up shop where she is working with the body as the canvas for this participatory artwork.

Nearly 40,000 people died from gun violence in 2018, yet imagery of guns, weapons and violent acts pervade our media, sociocultural psyche, our bodies and walls of our tattoo parlors. How can we shift our culture towards an iconography of non-violence? Amy asks: what is the opposite of a weapon? Resulting drawings, prints and sculptures form the basis of tattoo designs.

Like any good tattoo parlor, we also offer art, merchandise, and custom prints of flash pages of tattoo designs. Check out the list of works available on ISSUU, or as a document online.

At YCNIV at Detroit Art Week, we also served tea in custom mugs made by Norma Khoshbin, Amy’s mother, and commissioned Detroit Candy Makers Bon Bon Bon to realize sweets using Amy’s tattoo designs.


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