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ArtFoodTech talk at Parrish Art Museum

Parrish Art Museum, Mildred C. Brinn Terrace, © Hufton + Crow

Parrish Art Museum, Mildred C. Brinn Terrace,
© Hufton + Crow


I will be presenting at the Parrish Art Museum, in Watermill, Long Island on Friday, November 6, 2015- 6:00pm, as part of their Friday Nights Talks series.

Technology is changing the way we think, approach, and eat food at an unprecedented rate. These changes are already popping up along the food chain–from smart tractors and irrigation-monitoring drones, from grocery delivery to connected kitchens, from wearable nutrition monitors and robot bartenders. I will be leading a discussion on how artists are interrogating the future of our food systems.

A press release, issued by Parrish Art Museum is available here: Parrish Art Museum, ArtFoodTech Press Release.


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FERMENT YOURSELF, with Ferment Lab


As part of STWST48, I will be co-hosting a Sunday Brunch with artist Agnieszka Pokrywka of Ferment Lab, local farmers and food activists aboard the Eleonore in Linz Harbour.

During the Ferment lab’s august residency at Station Messschiff Eleonore, artist Agnieszka Pokrywka seeks local farm produces for fermentation and holds workshop with Linz locals to observe the process of fermentation.  She notes the information hidden in micro life of bacterias and further reapplies the fermentative process to consider the macro culture of our societies.

During her two weeks’ residency, 14 raw vegetables are jarred and matured over time.  The Sunday brunch serving the fermented vegetables brings together the artist with cultural worker/curator Amanda McDonald Crowley, local farmers, food activists and pubic members to engage in dialogues about food, tech, bacteria and cultures. In the program are also: fortunetelling based on study of personal bacterias, changing the taste of bread by the thoughts thought during kneading the dough, and possibly other oddities. All of these in the surrounding of balloons pumped up by yeast feed on sugar.

Agnieszka Pokrywka (PL/FI) is a multimedia explorer interested in participatory, collaborative and open source practices while digging into topics of fiction, unconventional storytelling and interactive, networked narratives. Her current activities are conducted mostly in connection with Pixelache, a transdisciplinary platform for experimental art, design, research and activism in Helsinki where she embodies different roles too.

STWST48 Curation: Shu Lea Cheang and Franz Xaver

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Spring 2015: SFAI 140

DurinSFAI140g my residency at Santa Fe Art Institute I will be participating in the Spring 2015 SFAI 140. SFAI presents these evenings as a combination of resident artists and thinkers, alongside a compelling group of local presenters. 1 evening; 20 speakers, 140 seconds each: a marquee event for Santa Fe’s creative community.

Talks from the evening are now available on the SFAI vimeo feed.

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critical dialogue series, tyler school of art

On October 8, 2014, I participated in the critical dialogue series, at the Tyler School of Art, Temple University, presenting on art, technology and collaborative practice.











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YES IS A WORLD – 2014 National Council of Arts Administrators Conference


yes is a world
& in this world of
yes live
(skillfully curled)
all worlds

from “love is a place” by E.E. Cummings


I’m honored to be invited by Mel Ziegler to speak at the 42nd annual gathering of the National Council of Arts Administrators in September, alongside a truly amazing line up of speakers: Richard Lloyd, Stephen Tepper, David Owens, Saralyn Reece Hardy, Pablo Helguera, Jon Rubin and Ruby Lerner.

From their web site: “The world is the new studio. Artists are involved in an ever-expanding production involving constituents beyond the art world and beyond the market place. As educational institutions, how do we respond to this massive shift in artistic attitude? Is there a balance to be found between 19th and 20th century models and the new 21stcentury practice centered around global and social interconnectedness? This conference will investigate the expanding field of art by exploring the influences of globalization, art education, and integrated practice. We will carefully look at our role as educators of creativity, influencers on our institutions as a whole, and members of our local and global communities.”

I’ll be speaking on the topic “The Art and Science of Collaboration”. Visuals from my presentation are available here on Prezi.

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In May 2013, I was invited to be one of Pixelache’s food-info-activism micro-residents. During my time in Helsinki, I spent time with several members of Pixelache, Ruoan Tulevaisuus, and Pixelache’s earlier food-info-activism resident, Seungho Lee, developing ideas for the Foodycle event. In September 2013, I was granted a HIAP residency to return to Helsinki. The timing was planned so that I could continue my Art/Tech/Food research, while in residency at HIAP’s incredible Suomenlinna facility, and the timing was in part planned to coincide with Foodycle on 12-13 September.

Day One of the event will take place at Viikki, outdoors on the Library square, University of Helsinki Viikki campus (Viikinkaari 11) – MAP

It will include a farmers market and some really fantastic practical workshops. (I’m certainly attending Lorenzo Ciatti’s sausage making workshop, and ordering veggies from Herttoniemi Co-op).

Day two of the event, will tale place at: Happi (Sörnäisten rantatie 31) & Pixelache (Kaasutehtaankatu 1/21) – MAP

I will present on my research at the intersection of Art/Tech/Food. In the talk, I will map historical and contemporary trade routes of food and how they affect our cultural landscape and well being, by presenting the work of a range of artists addressing these issues. I’ll also be moderating a panel on Food Culture.

Check my scoop.it aggregator page for links to a broad cross section of artist projects, reading lists, and exhibitions.

My presentation will be online shortly.

Panels were streamed and archived live on Pixelache’s Bambuser pages:

Foodycle Panel 1: MEAT (Seungho Lee, Anne-Maria Pajari, Anna Alm / Moderator: Atte Penttilä)

Foodycle Panel 2: WASTE (Arto Sivonen, Miina Porkka / Moderator: Andrew Paterson)

Foodycle Panel 3: CULTURE (Johanna Mäkelä, Aleksi Neuvonen, Saly Wade, Porridge & Potatoes, Moderator: Amanda McDonald Crowley)

Foodycle Lightning talks.


On the previous Sunday, a number of the organisers and speakers joined me at my HIAP studio on Suomenlinna:

2013-09-08 18.19.56 2013-09-08 18.20.11 Foodycle planning, Kitchen, HIAP studio

2013-09-08 19.36.32

On the way to HIAP studios. Photo: Sari Kinnula

On the way to HIAP studios.
Photo: Sari Kinnula

On the way to HIAP studios. Photo: Sari Kinnula

On the way to HIAP studios.
Photo: Sari Kinnula

Sand Pies by Porridge and Potatoes youngest member. Photo: AMC

Sand Pies by Porridge and Potatoes youngest member.
Photo: AMC

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Rogue Troopers: ISEA2013 panel

ISEA2013Teresa Dillon invited me to be part of a panel she curated for ISEA2013 in Sydney Rogue Troopers: Designing functional and fictional disruptions. The panel was part of the conference program stream: Resistance is Fertile. (The title of the panel referred to the Rogue Trooper character in the 2000 AD comic, alluding to his underground resistance status!!)

The panel linked to a workshop she also ran during the conference on synthetic biology methods for general lay person when working with students, designers, citizens: Synthetic Scenarios and Stories.

It was a great discussion, and Teresa is also currently considering the possibility developing a publication further exploring the topic.

Teresa Dillon: Polar Produce / Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin, UK

Paul Granjon: Z Productions, Wales, UK
Peter Hall: Griffith University Queensland College of Art, Brisbane, Australia
Amanda McDonald Crowley: Public Art Action, New York, US


Rogue Troopers: Designing functional and fictional disruptions addresses the question: What role can artists, curators, writers and designers play in crafting subversive uses for existing technologies and imagining alternatives?

In bringing together practitioners who are working across the field of critical and contemporary media art, resistance will be discussed in relation to practices of hacking, civic change, mapping, activism and technological appropriation.

Presentation 1: Teresa Dillon   Rogue Troopers: Designing functional and fictional disruptions

According to Oliver Sacks (2012), in order to survive human beings need to transcend the everyday, we need to see the overall patterns of our lives and we need freedom, or at least, the illusion of freedom. But what enables this sense of freedom? It could be argued that resistance as a mode of action and expression enables us to rise above our immediate surroundings by providing a sense of autonomy and control. Resistance in this way operates as a release mechanism or a form of action, which enables individuals to address the tensions that reside within and between communities of power and governance.

Reflecting on my role as curator for HACK-THE-CITY, a three-month exhibition which took place at the Science Gallery, Dublin in 2012, I will provide examples of how the exhibition and its associated program could be read as a site for resistance. Drawing on specific events within the program and selected artists’ works, I will discuss how independent curators, artists and institutions can play a role in catalysing civic change. This analysis will be contextualised within contemporary discourses on hacking and critical media art practice.

Presentation 2: Peter Hall   Mapping the intangible

Writing in the 1990s, the critic Fredric Jameson argued that the postmodern condition, with its vast global networks in which we are “caught as individual subjects,” calls for “an aesthetic of cognitive mapping”. Over the subsequent two decades, Jameson’s hypothesis was effectively tested in the wave of cultural activity around mapping, partly enabled by the accessibility of two formerly military technologies: satellite navigation and the internet. Mapping and information visualisation were relinquished from the tight grip of professionals into the spheres of amateur, open source and experimental practice.

More recently, the geographer Jeremy Crampton has analysed contemporary mapping practices, arguing that it is a “field of knowledge and power relations” being pulled in several different directions.  Crampton describes a pull toward ‘securitization’ on one side, countered by ‘resistances’ on the other. ‘Securitization’ emerges from post-war efforts to rid cartography and GIS of any association with art and propaganda and render it ‘post-political’— a position that the resistance side generally finds untenable. The resistance side is characterised by critical cartography, map art and the open source movement; millions of amateurs and novices using hitherto inaccessible mapping technologies to construct a vast ‘geoweb’.

In co-opting former military technologies, the recent wave of locative media practitioners exemplifies an emergence of disruptive, resistant practices. With smart phones, space is annotated and re-stitched together and new networks are galvanised. Drawing from a range of writers and theorists, this presentation explores the functional and fictional possibilities of this activity.

Presentation 3: Paul Granjon   Collaborative Manufacturing Units Against the Black Box

The pervasiveness of contemporary technology goes hand in hand with opacity. Users generally have little or no knowledge of how the objects and networks they depend on work, becoming black box operators. As a visual artist working with technology, I am investigating ways of reducing this ignorance. I run durational collaborative manufacturing units where technological items are broken and recycled in creative ways. The participants engage in learning, making and sharing an experimental process that disrupts the disempowered consumerist attitude towards technological items. The talk explores some of my projects, as well as recent initiatives by other artists and activists.

Presentation 4: Amanda McDonald Crowley   Open Cultures: cultivating collaboration

“We are a cultural laboratory re-imagining possible futures at the interstices of art, science, nature, and everyday life.” [foam]

Artists are increasingly working in collaborative ways to develop work that moves beyond conventional gallery spaces and into the world, and our lived experience. Through the lens of recent curatorial research into ArtTechFood, Urban Research, and Open Culture, I will look at the history of artist labs as spaces to work creatively and build community. I am especially interested in how artists are currently making significant contributions to open source movements, mapping, sharing, collaboration, DIY, knowledge sharing, and skills transfer to explore open knowledge and build open utopias. What are the possibilities and pitfalls of curating this kind of research and process?

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WochenKlausur at Our Haus

Invited to participate in the Austrian Cultural Forum’s tenth anniversary exhibition Our Haus, WochenKlausur chose to present a documentation poster exploring their work of the past 19 years, for the opening week of the show, and then to look at contemporary positions and practices on the topic of “space” in New York. By handing over their exhibition space to local organizations focusing on this issue, it was possible to present a variety of agendas such as housing, public space and urban built environment on a central city spot.

WochenKlausur set up office at Our Haus

WochenKlausur set up office at Our Haus

From May 20 to May 27, 2012, WochenKlausur set up an office in the ACFNY Gallery’s Upper Mezzanine, where several meetings with New York-based associations, interest groups, and activists took place. Each of the organizations was invited to use the space for one or two weeks for their purposes. The aim was to support them with the infrastructure and facilities of the institution. Some looked for exhibition space, some for a room to hold a workshop, others launched a film festival or held a fundraising event. At the end, nine organisations have taken the opportunity and used the ACFNY as a platform to explore their work. Until 26th of August 2012 – when the exhibition shut down – a vivid summer program has taken place.

The “WochenKlausur Features” program at ACF, NY 2012 presented:

Picture the Homeless June 18 – 24
Change Administration June 25 – July 01
DSGN AGNC ft. #whOWNSpace July 02 – 08
chashama July 09 – 22
Center for Urban Pedagogy July 23 – 29
Green Guerillas Aug 06 – 12
CAAAV Aug 13 – 19
Not an Alternative Aug 20 – 26

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CONSUME: Artists’ Talks and Exhibition Reception

consume flyer


April 11th, 2013
Talks: 5pm
Reception: Reception


Calit2 Auditorium and gallery@calit2, Atkinson Hall, UC San Diego
Hosted by: gallery@calit2
Event details: California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology – calit2



I moderated artist presentations by: Brandon Ballengée, Justine Cooper, and Jamie O’Shea, with Oron Catts via teleconference at 5pm followed by an opening reception for the exhibition. Organized by gallery@calIT2

Video documentation of the talks:

CONSUME, is a group exhibition which has been informed by my current research at the intersection of art, technology and food systems. Projects in the gallery document interdisciplinary ideas pertaining to current discussions of health, eco-systems, and the environment. Works by: Brandon Ballengée, Oron Catts & Ionat Zurr, Justine Cooper, Beatriz da Costa, and Jamie O’Shea.

The public is welcome to attend the Artist Talk Thursday, April 11, 2013, which will be held in the Calit2 Auditorium at 5pm, and followed by a reception at 6pm. All gallery@calit2 events are FREE and open to the public.





View further details of the CONSUME exhibition and artworks.


Trish Stone, tstone@ucsd.edu

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ArtTechFood at GreenRush Paris

GreenRush – dispatch#8
Amanda McDonald Crowley presents ArtTechFood – a curatorial project
Intervention by Anne Roquigny
Netstreams by Radio Marais

GREEN RUSH is a project sharing food talking series._

18:00-20:00, December 27, 2012
Hosted by Shu Lea Cheang at
Le Chapon Rouge, 60 Rue Chapon, Paris 75003
Info: now

Food – stick-a stick
BYO – bring your own bottle

Amanda McDonald Crowley presents her research at the intersection of art, food and technology. As a curatorial project, ArtTechFood is a strategy to bring biologists, environmentalists, food activists, and molecular gastronomists, together with artists to deliver an interdisciplinary programme that critiques the commercialization of food production, provides a space to widen the discussion of our food systems to include environmental issues and labor (immigrant) exploitation, and the framework to share good food and meaningful conversation. The inclusion of artists and experts from diverse backgrounds is intended to broaden the discourse and move toward models of discussion and action in order to negotiate this often obfuscated and confusing landscape.

As the gastronome Brillat-Savarin noted three centuries ago, “the discovery of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star.” Food is an essential product of our reciprocal, sustaining relationship with the environment. It is also one of the oldest cultural expressions, rooted in hospitality and sharing. As concerns for the planet and the quality of our life upon it intensify, there is no more immediate concern than that which we put into our mouths and the pressures these acts place on the larger systems that sustain us.

Amanda McDonald Crowley is a cultural worker, curator, facilitator, creative director in the fields of media and contemporary art, with a focus on cross-disciplinary practice and cultural exchange. She was the director of ANAT 1995-2000; associate director of the Adelaide Festival 2002; executive producer of ISEA2004 in Helsinki and Tallinn; executive director at EYEBEAM, NYC 2005-2011. Recent curatorial efforts include Our Haus, the 10th Anniversary exhibition for the Austrian Cultural Forum, NY. Her other current research interests are virtual performance, art & science, and urban research. She is currently doing a curatorial research residency at Fondazione Bogliasco.
http://scoop.it/t/arttechfood (research resources)

Presentation is online at here on Prezi.com.Art/Tech/Food Prezi for GreenRush Paris

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