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The Current Thing

I’m honored to have a small contribution in the The Current Thing, the outcome of several weeks of editorial work during lockdown by Caspar Stracke and Keith Sanborn. The Current Thing is an interactive journal with contributions by a terrific group of artists and writers on dramatic shifts in daily practice during lockdown and beyond. It is also a re-activation of THE THING, NY: one of the most important early online art communities. The journal exists in both online and print version.

The Current Thing features works and words by:
Angel Nevarez & Valerie Tevere / Alexandro Segade / Almagul Menlibayaeva / Amanda McDonald Crowley /Andy Graydon / Anna Thew / Ashton Applewhite / Bradley Eros / Caspar Stracke / Cathy Lee Crane / Coco Sollfrank / Daniella Dooling / Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby / Darrin Martin / Deborah Stratman / Diana Vidrascu / eteam / Emily Mode / Graeme Arnfield / Nordholt & Steingrobe / Jaakko Pallasvuo / Jackie Goss / Les LeVeque / lundi matin / Jason Livingston / Jeanne Liotta / Jeffrey Skoller / Jim Supanick / Juliane Henrich / Joy Chan / Kathy Brew / Keith Sanborn / Kim Modig / Leo Goldsmith / Lynne Sachs / Mark Street / Masha Godovannaya / Mike Hoolboom / Monika Czyżyk / Nina Katchadourian / Olav Westphalen / Peggy Ahwesh / Perry Bard / Rebekah Rutkoff / RPI / Ricardo Dominguez / Sean Cubitt / belit sağ & Robert Luxemburg / Sebastián Romo / Steve Reinke / The Society of the Friends of the Virus / Thomas Zummer / Torsten Zenas Burns / Wolfgang Staehle / yann beauvais / and Zoe Beloff /

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Grow Food Make Art

I recently contributed an article about Juanli Carrión’s most recent iteration of his Outer Seed Shadow project (OSS#MH) to Voices in Contemporary Art, VoCA.

Juanli Carrión’s most recent iteration of his Outer Seed Shadow project (OSS#MH) was installed in the Marble Hill neighborhood in the Bronx, New York City in the spring of 2017. It is an ongoing project intended as a permanent fixture at the Marble Hill Houses community, but it will continue to grow, quite literally.

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Wild Style

ArtlinkWalltoWallCoverWILD STYLE a story of 1980s New York graffiti through the lens of hip hop culture: an interview with Charlie Ahearn in  WALL TO WALL: graffiti art, vol 34 no 1, 2014, of Artlink.

Wall to Wall was co-guest edited by Annemarie Kohn and Charity Bramwell. The issue offers readers a chance to compare their attitudes to graffiti art with those of a range of authorities from rappers and writers to scholars and critics. The issue covers the birth of this art movement and subcultural genre in New York four decades ago and its current role within the constantly shifting politics of public space in cities across the planet including Asia and the Arab world where the richness of calligraphy-based graffiti art and its influences on the art form in other countries adds a new dimension. Interviews and stories of many of the key artists from the past as well as documentation from cities around Australia add a personal note.

Read my interview with Charlie here: 34_1_artlink_ page 36-39

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Out of the Lab. Interview by Melinda Sipos and Angela Plohman

Plohman, A. and Sipos, M. 2012 “Out of the Lab: An interview with Amanda McDonald Crowley” Beyond Data, Kitchen Budapest & Baltan Labs joint publication.

The interview with me is on Page 90.

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ISEA2004 Program Catalogue



ISEA2004 catalogue cover. publisher: m-cult design: Tuomo Tammenpää

ISEA2004 catalogue cover.
publisher: m-cult
design: Tuomo Tammenpää




Please see  my project page, giving a brief overview of ISEA2004 as well as links to the ISEA2004 Magazine and ISEA2004 Brochure.

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