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ISEA2004 Program Catalogue



ISEA2004 catalogue cover. publisher: m-cult design: Tuomo Tammenpää

ISEA2004 catalogue cover.
publisher: m-cult
design: Tuomo Tammenpää




Please see  my project page, giving a brief overview of ISEA2004 as well as links to the ISEA2004 Magazine and ISEA2004 Brochure.

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I was executive producer, for ISEA2004. International Symposium of Electronic Art, 2004. Program Chairs were Tapio Mäkelä and Mare Tralla. The main Festival producer was Hanna Harris.

The Festival took place from 14-22 August, 2004. Baltic Sea. (main organiser: m-cult – the Finnish centre for new media culture). The event comprised a two day/night programmed ocean cruise combining conferences, workshops, performances, installations, music and club programs on the Silja-Opera, a cruiser ferry; conferences, exhibitions, performances and site specific works in Tallinn, Estonia and Helsinki, Finland; and a programme of residencies, masterclasses, and lecture programmes across the Nordic and Baltic regions. Conferences were held at Lume Media Centre in Helsinki and the Estonian Art Academy in Tallinn. Exhibitions were held in public spaces and in several venues in each city with key exhibitions in Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum, Helsinki and Tallinn City Gallery organised by Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art.

The ISEA2004 catalogue (also available on ISSUU) documents all works presented in the ISEA2004 program on the Baltic Sea, in Tallinn, and in Helsinki.


A copy of the broadsheet magazine about the program is available here on ISSUU.

A copy of the brochure and call for participation is available here on ISSUU.

Core program team:
Programme Chairs: Tapio Mäkelä, Mare Tralla
Festival Producer: Hanna Harris
Core production assistants: Maria Candia, Netta Norro, Tuomas Finne, Suvi Alanko, Leena Gävert, Edward James, Liisa Pakosta, Piibe Piirma
Organizational advisor: Minna Tarkka, executive director m-cult
Finance officer: Mirja Hallivuori (m-cult)
Marketing and communications manager: Mika Minetti
Web developer: Lars Relander
ISEA2004 visual identity and AD: Tuomo Tammenpää
Technical Managers: Tea Stolt and Severi Glanville
IT support: Mika Raunio

For a full list of staff and program committee members see page 25 of the ISEA2004 magazine above.

Please note: www.isea2004.net is no longer active

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Adelaide Festival 2002

Adelaide Festival 2002

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 3.09.54 PMI was a member of the creative team (artistic directorate) responsible for developing program for the Adelaide Festival 2002.

Peter Sellars was the Artistic Director for the Festival. Associate Directors were: Angharad Wynne-Jones, Jonathan Parsons, Amanda McDonald Crowley, Lynette Wallworth, Waiata Telfer, Catherine Woolcock, Karl Telfer, Gay Bilson, Bridget Ikin.

The Festival was collaboratively programmed around the themes of Environmental Sustainability, the Right to Cultural Diversity, and Truth & Reconciliation.

Our intention was that the Festival be: “an opportunity to return to a primary experience of the function of art and culture. Putting the art back into culture, when culture functions as the imaginative space of society that actively engages in the issues and concerns of the day, celebrating the intangible, spiritual, epic nature of life. Fundamental to this function is process — in which artists and audiences contribute and participate — so that a point of performance or exhibition is experienced as one of many interfaces along a cultural journey.  Debate is an essential component of this process because the discussion of ideas, the exchange of information and expertise, creates imaginative space for art, culture and society to combine meaningfully, and makes work that is in constant dialogue with its audiences.”

The Adelaide Festival of Arts, established in 1960 is acknowledged as one of the world’s great arts festivals. 40 years on, our culture and our community are vastly more diverse, and new technologies and new demographics open fantastic new possibilities for wider and deeper levels of participation. “Dynamic and different, Adelaide Festival 2002 was about more than simply buying a ticket, taking your seat and waiting to be entertained. It was about embarking on someone else’s journey only to realise that it is your journey too, about being moved to act and respond.”

In truth while the Festival was wonderful and exhilarating, the journey was not an easy one. Peter Sellars was obliged to resign from the position of artistic director only four months before the Festival opened, and the decision of the associate directors to continue to realise the program was not straight forward. Already in an interview in the local newspaper, the Adelaide Advertiser in May 2001, Peter was quoted as saying “One of the things I’m sticking by is that this will be a festival of seeds and not trees . . . you will see the trees in 2010.” There were, in fact a number of outstanding programs. And there are a number of key legacies that the Festival arguably influenced, including: the establishment of a significant Film Festival in Adelaide; Indigenous welcomes are now standard at cultural events in Adelaide; the central square in Adelaide now has dual naming… Many of these things may have happened with time. I feel certain, however, that we also sowed some seeds for change.

Information is available for conVerge: where art and science meet, a program I co-curated for the Festival. I also have documentation of renaming project, Tarndanyungga, undertaken by a group of artists on the last night of the Festival. Little remains of the online presence for the Adelaide Festival 2002.

You can view the Festival Program from the image below:

You can view the Festival Program as a PDF here.
Or on issuu here.

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Australian Video Festival

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 4.59.34 PMScreen Shot 2013-02-07 at 4.59.51 PM


















Download: Third Australian Video Festival poster ’88

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