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Curatorial Masterclass

Eyebeam Summer School: Curatorial Masterclass


An initiative of Eyebeam’s Summer School program, the Curatorial Masterclass was led by Eyebeam research partner Sarah Cook from CRUMB, the online resource for curators working with media art. The series provided an opportunity for emerging and established curators of art to get together within a focused period of time to learn from each other’s practice, and to develop a greater understanding of curating, open source methods, and working in the public domain.

The first hour of each day was structured as a formal conversation modeled on CRUMB’s tea-time chats, and featured established curators and artists. The second hour was a rigorous participant driven discussion that built upon the first hours of themes and insights. Following each presentation and workshop, participants had the opportunity to stick around for beer o’clock and conversation with presenters and fellow masterclass participants, as well as participants from other Eyebeam Summer School programs.

Lead Tutors and Program Management: Amanda McDonald Crowley, Anne Barlow, Dominic Smith, Fred Benenson, Hans Bernhard, Lize Mogel, Patrick Lichty, Rebecca Cittadini, Sarah Cook, Scott Burnham, Stephanie Pereira, Stephen Duncombe, Steve Dietz, Steve Lambert, Taeyoon Choi.

• Download the complete schedule, list of guest bios, and key references compiled by Sarah Cook here: CMSS_09_crumb_eyebeam.

Day 1: July 7, What open source is and what it means for art (Burnham, Smith, Benenson) | WATCH VIDEO
Day 2: July 9, Publication and Documentation (Mogel, Cittadini) | WATCH VIDEO
Day 3: July 14, Networking and Collaboration (Lichty, McDonald Crowley, Cohrs) | WATCH VIDEO
Day 4: July 16, Curating in the public domain (Dietz, McDonald Crowley, Choi) | WATCH VIDEO
Day 5: July 21, Evaluation and Audience Engagement (Barlow, Bernard, Duncombe) | WATCH VIDEO

Eyebeam Summer School, 2009

Summer School 2009 program also included:BBQ_IMAGE

Summer School @ Night, A series of free evening lectures open to the public led by hosts from Eyebeam’s Summer School program and friends of Eyebeam, programmed by Stephanie Pereira and Paul Amitai.

Digital Day Camp 2009, a summer program for open to NYC public high school students to engage in lectures and hands-on workshops focusing on art and technology tools, and relevant social and artistic topics, managed by Stephanie Pereira. Check out the DDC2009 Blog here for information on participants, tutors, and program. DDC activities are led by invited technology professionals, contemporary artists, and Eyebeam’s residents and fellows and was an annual program at Eyebeam from 2000 to 2011.

College of Tactical Culture, A think tank on creative activism led by Stephen Duncombe and Steve Lambert. Project Manager: Paul Amitai. Participants: Larry Bogad, Andrew Boyd, Rebecca Bray & Britta Riley, Ava Bromberg, Anne Frederick, Packard Jennings, Kristin Horton, Aaron Hughes,  Laura MacCleery,  Ricardo Miranda Zuniga, Eve Mosher, Brooke Singer, Ella Turenne.

Photos: Christine A. Butler courtesy of Eyebeam

Press release for the Summer School 2009 is available here: summerschool_PR_070109_FINAL

Further archive information about Summer School at Eyebeam.

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